PROSWIM NYC is the finest learn-to-swim program in New York. We have created this course so parents can teach their children to swim from complete beginners to independent swimmers.
Hundreds of children have
learned to swim and be
safe in the water with
our methods. Let’s
teach your child too!


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Our course is designed with busy parents in mind: it’s easy to understand and it doesn’t take long to learn or apply. It’s also a great opportunity for the child and the parent to spend quality time together. Plus, it’s portable: you can download or stream it to any device and always have it in your pocket.


See it for yourself. Join our community and get one free lesson plus swimming tips, ideas and advice from us and from parents like you.


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teaching you how to teach your child to swim

your child will love learning from the coach he trusts the most – you!


We make swimming fun by removing the fear of water with a gentle approach, encouragement and praise. And with lots of toys, games and songs. Why? Because it works, and because learning to swim should be fun.


We make it easy to teach your child how to swim – even if you yourself don’t know how. We’ve taken a complex skill such as swimming, and broken it down into simple steps that anybody can understand and apply.


Swimming is fun, but we are serious about doing it the right way. We've spent years distilling our methods into a program any parent can use. Our course gives children the skills to become strong and confident swimmers.


The course is full of interactive features, inlcuding video, audio, knowledge checks and expert answers, adding up to a rich learning experience you can download or stream to any device. Now with an optional set of waterproof cards you can refer to while in the pool.

The best gift

The course makes a great gift for any parent or grandparent to help them become a confident swimming coach. Simply select “purchase as a gift” option during checkout and add a personal message to the recipient.

Who it's for

Regardless of whether you have great or no swimming experience, or your child is a beginner or already enrolled in group swimming lessons – this course will teach children how to swim confidently on their own and master all the basic swimming skills.

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what parents and kids say about us

I got it for my daughter to swim better by summer. She is now floating on her back and treading water on her own — I could not be happier!

Susan K.

I am so happy I found this course! I highly recommend it to any hands-on parent who wants to teach their child to swim!

Sonya P.

You have taught me how to enjoy swimming when at first I didn’t like it. You have turned swimming from scary to fun for me.


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