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Teach Your Child To Swim™ is dedicated to teaching swimming and drowning prevention to kids. Your child needs to be safe in the water; fortunately teaching life-saving swimming skills has never been easier! Our affordable e-course is used by parents worldwide to keep kids safe, have fun and bond with their children.


what’s included

  • Full streaming access to the e-course
  • 15 how-to swimming lessons, step by step videos
  • Swim lesson plans, quizzes, expert advice
  • Lessons available for offline download

teaching you how to teach your child to swim

your child will love learning from the coach he trusts the most – you!

What is it?

Teach Your Child To Swim™ is the 1st of it’s kind e-course. It’s designed to turn parents into the best swimming teachers for their kids and to help children build vital swimming and water safety skills. It can be streamed to any mobile/digital device. Accessible with or without an internet connection.

Who's it for?

Teach Your Child To Swim™ is for parents with children ages 1 and up who can’t swim on their own yet. It can be used as the only source of swimming lessons or as a supplement to organized swim lessons. Parents can have a great deal or little swimming experience.

What do kids learn?

With Teach Your Child To Swim™ parents can help kids with no swimming experience become independent swimmers and perform water safety skills. It helps young children overcome fear of water. More experienced kids will finally get the confidence to swim on their own.

Can you teach?

Absolutely! Teach Your Child To Swim™ is especially designed for: busy schedules and parents with no swimming experience. 15 lessons with short fun-to-watch videos, interactions, knowledge checks – all the tools needed for an easy and effective learning experience for the parent and the child.

Why do it?

Your child can learn to swim at their own pace and schedule. You will teach your child a lifesaving skill. You can speed up your child’s process of learning to swim and be safe in the water. It’s a great opportunity to bond with your child. It costs less than the cost of a private swimming lesson.

Did you know?

According to CDC, drowning is the 2nd leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children ages 1-4. Knowing how to swim can prevent drowning. Children as young as 2 years old can learn to swim independently. Parents can take an active role in their child’s water safety education. Give your child a gift for life and teach them how to swim!

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what parents and kids say about us

I got it for my daughter to swim better by summer. She is now floating on her back and treading water on her own — I could not be happier!

Susan K.

I am so happy I found this course! I highly recommend it to any hands-on parent who wants to teach their child to swim!

Sonya P.

You have taught me how to enjoy swimming when at first I didn’t like it. You have turned swimming from scary to fun for me.