Teach Your Child To Swim e-course. Drowning Prevention Skills For Kids.

Step 1

Children Learn Breath Control for Submerging. Children Afraid of the Water Overcome their Fear with our gentle and fun techniques.

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Step 2

Teach Children Basic Swimming Skills: how to Float, how to Kick their Legs and Paddle their Arms efficiently. Option to use equipment or not.

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Step 3

Kids Learn to Swim Independently and can now perform all the Water Safety Swimming Skills. Kids Swim Confidently and Love the Water.

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swim benefits for your child

Kids of any age or temperament can learn swimming using our method

12 mo-2.5 years

This is the perfect age to introduce children to the water and help them enjoy it before the actual process of learning begins. Find out how to ease your child into the environment, how to gently let them get used to water on their face and submerging. This is where you should start teaching water safety skills to avoid drowning.

2.5-4 years

Your curious toddler wants to explore the water. But is it safe? We help you teach your kid vital swimming skills like treading water, floating on the stomach and on the back, mastering crucial Breath Control and many more. We’ll help you teach your child to be safe in and around the water.

4 years & up

By this age your child should be water safe. Even If they are already enrolled in formal swimming lessons, you can help them learn faster. Teach your kid how swim completely on their own, master all water safety skills and be safe from drowning, and build a strong foundation to being confident life-long swimmers.


Cautious kids prefer a one-on-one approach vs group lessons. Be their guide and teach them at their own pace with no pressure. Soon they will develop confidence to swim on their own and with their peers.

Fearful of water

Children with aquaphobia need special gentle techniques to overcome their fear of water. Our special games and excercises help making learning to swim fun so that fear of water turns into enjoyment.


Children who swim independently still need to know how to prevent drowning –  a leading cause of unintentional death for children ages 1-4. We help you teach your kid these life-saving skills.

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what parents and kids say about us

I got it for my daughter to swim better by summer. She is now floating on her back and treading water on her own — I could not be happier!

Susan K.

I am so happy I found this course! I highly recommend it to any hands-on parent who wants to teach their child to swim!

Sonya P.

You have taught me how to enjoy swimming when at first I didn’t like it. You have turned swimming from scary to fun for me.



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