2 year old’ Swimming Ability

December 15th, 2016

What is a 2 year old’ swimming ability and what swimming skills can they learn at this age?

Each child develops differently and no two children are alike. Keeping this in mind, here are some guidelines for a 2 year old’ swimming ability and swimming skills they can learn.

2 year olds with no prior swimming experience

Here are the swim skills they can be introduced to and they are able to learn:

  1. Help them overcome fear of water. The sooner your child becomes comfortable in the water environment, the sooner they’ll be able to learn to swim
  2. Kick the legs up and down to make splashes on the front and on the back
  3. Scoop/paddle the arms under the water
  4. Learn to cope with water in and around the mouth
  5. Hold the breath
  6. Blow bubbles (for some children this may take a while to learn; be patient and practice a lot)
  7. Safely enter and exit the pool



2 year olds with more than one year of swimming experience

  1. Efficiently kick the legs and paddle the arms at the same time (coordinate the arm and legs movement)
  2. Efficiently move through the water with flotation aids designed for learning to swim (here’s what we recommend)
  3. If water gets into the mouth, spit it out, not drink it
  4. Submerge under the water for at least 3 seconds
  5. Hold breath under water for 3-5 seconds
  6. Blow Bubbles
  7. Hold onto the edge of the pool and move sideways on it
  8. Grab onto the wall and climb out of the pool
  9. Swim with very little or no support for short distances
  10. Swim with face in the water, then come up for breath (with very little support or on their own)

This 2 year old started learning to swim at 6 months old. Watch him swim on his own:


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Gilda Dobrica,
Swimming Instructor

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