jump right in, the water is fine

the first step in teaching your child the life-saving skill of swimming

  • Based on 15 years of swimming research
  • Works for any skill level, even for parents with no prior swimming experience
  • Contains hours of professional videos, audio, skills builders & quizzes
  • Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone-compatible
  • Gives you all the tools to help a child improve and become a better, stronger swimmer
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why this course?

interactive experience

The interactive course experience includes video, audio, quizzes, skills builders and expert advice so you and your child can not just learn – but easily remember – each lesson. Plus, the program starts exactly where you left off, making it even easier to hone in on key topics you want to review.

professional content

All of our videos are professionally shot in high quality HD. Don’t worry, you won’t have to watch long boring instructional films: our videos are divided into short segments less than 5 minutes each so you can watch them at your own pace and take in as much or as little as you like.

life-saving skills

Our course explains how to teach your children the potentially life-saving swimming skills that every child should know, such as breath control, how to float on their back, how to float face down and how to tread water.