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How To Teach A Toddler To Swim | Teach A Two Year Old Child To Swim

June 15th, 2020

Teach a two year old child to swim     How Do 2 Year Olds Benefit From Swimming?   At two years old, your toddler is well equipped physically and mentally to learn to swim. The sooner children begin to learn to swim, the sooner they will become water safe. If you are debating whether your … Read More »

Toddler Swim Lessons. What is a 2 year old’ Swimming Ability

June 15th, 2020

 What is a 2 year old swimming ability? What swimming skills can toddlers perform? Can a two year old swim independently?     The short answer is: YES. Watch this 2 year old swim on his own The long and more in-depth answer is: your child is unique from the moment they are born. They … Read More »


February 26th, 2020

  The first important goal for a toddler or a child when learning to swim, is to be able to swim back to the wall in case they fall into a pool. But how exactly do you teach your toddler this important life saving skill? Tested on hundreds of children, these are the activities to practice … Read More »

Help A Child Become Comfortable In The Water. 7 Steps

January 5th, 2020

As a parent, you want your child to be comfortable and have fun in the water, learn to swim and enjoy the many benefits swimming brings to the body and mind. Some children take to the water right away: they love to splash their arms and legs, don’t mind when their face gets wet and … Read More »

How To Teach A Child To Breathe While Swimming

October 18th, 2019

I always joke.. “If it wasn’t for breathing, everyone would know how to swim.” Indeed, coming up for air is one of the key components in swimming. On land, breathing happens involuntary. When swimming, we have to learn how to breathe: the correct pattern, timing, body position and arm movements that help us balance with … Read More »

5 Mistakes to avoid when teaching children to swim

September 10th, 2019

Teaching a child to swim is one of the best lifetime gifts you can offer them. If you want to find out all the secrets and best methods to teach children to swim, click on my swimming course . But it is also important to know what to avoid. Here are 5 Mistakes to avoid when … Read More »

The Benefits of Swimming for Children

September 2nd, 2019

All sports are great for children and swimming in particular is one of the most recommended activities that benefits children in a myriad of ways. Here are the 10 best Benefits of Swimming for Children 1. Physical development Swimming has great benefits for a child’s physical development. It improves coordination, balance, motor skills and muscle … Read More »

Learn to Swim Gear for Babies

August 25th, 2019

You have decided to introduce your baby to water and swimming. As a parent, this is one of the best decisions you can make for your baby’s physical development, cognitive skills, as well as mental and emotional well being. You have a swim suit for your baby and a towel – is this enough? Here is … Read More »

Best Swimming Gear For Toddlers And Children | Swim Floats And Swim Attire

August 12th, 2019

Should you use any specific swim gear or aids to help your child learn to swim? One school of thought believes that children should learn to swim completely unaided. The other school of thought states that floatation aids can be used to teach children to swim, as long as they are used in moderation, to not … Read More »

Childhood Obesity Prevention: How Swimming Can Help

July 31st, 2019

Child obesity has become an epidemic worldwide. Pediatric overweight and obesity now affects more than 30 percent of children, making it the most common chronic disease of childhood. According to CDC, in the United States, the percentage of children and adolescents affected by obesity has more than tripled since the 1970s. Data from 2015-2016 shows that … Read More »

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