The Most Important Water Safety Skills for Children

January 23rd, 2017

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How To Teach Children Water Safety

Knowing how to swim can prevent drowning. Children as young as two years old can learn water safety skills and how to save themselves from drowning.

These are the most important water safety skills that all children should master at the earliest possible age:


  1. Jump in, swim back to the wall and climb out of the pool
  2. Treading water
  3. Roll over from front to back and vice versa
  4. Hold on to the edge and walk sideways on it
  5. The back float
  6. Safe entries and exits


In the bellow video we explain how to teach kids the most important water safety swimming skill: jump in, swim back to the wall, climb out of the pool.


Three steps to teach this water safety skill:

Step 1: You support and guide your swimmer until they learn the sequence: jump, breathe, turn, swim to the wall, and climb out. To safely climb out, tell your swimmer to place their arms on the edge and push their bodies up, out of the pool. The sequence is elbow, elbow, belly, legs.

Step 2: You provide less support; mostly cues. Tell children to lean forward before jumping in to avoid hitting the wall.

Step 3: Your swimmer will perform the skill independently. Remember the sequence,: jump, breathe, turn, swim to the wall, and climb out.

Make sure children jump in and climb out safely and that they are modeling the proper technique:


  • Take a big breath before jumping
  • Blow bubbles through the nose in the water
  • Come up for air
  • Swim to the wall

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Gilda Dobrica,
Swimming Instructor

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