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Teach-Your-Child-To-Swim™ - The Story

Course creator Gilda Dobrica

Gilda is a former competitive swimmer and the founder of ProSwim NYC — New York’s finest learn-to-swim program. ProSwim NYC has taught hundreds of children and adults to swim from beginner to advanced levels. Gilda has been teaching swimming for more than 15 years and her unique teaching abilities have made her one of the most sought-after private swimming instructors in NYC. Many celebrity clients trust Gilda with their children’s water safety education. With an in-depth knowledge of swimming and proven teaching methods, Gilda turns even the most afraid child into a confident, happy and strong swimmer.



Teaching more than just “how to swim”

With Gilda’s unparalleled teaching methods her students develop a feel for the water early, so swimming comes to them naturally. Children learn not to be afraid or struggle in the water. Instead they become strong and confident swimmers. Some even start swimming as absolute beginners only to become accomplished swimmers who regularly compete at Junior Olympics levels.

The Inspiration for the Course

Throughout the 15 years she’s been teaching swimming, Gilda saw many parents trying to teach their children to swim, be safe in the water and enjoy swimming, but not knowing exactly how to do it. So she decided to create a program to teach you, the parent, the very techniques she uses to successfully teach children to swim.

Gilda’s course “Teach your child to swim – the fun, easy and effective way” is the first e-learning program that shows parents how to teach their children to swim. It explains from A to Z how to teach a child to swim confidently and be safe in the water.

Born in Romania, Gilda started swimming at the age of four and spent the next decade training and competing on a national level. She was able to distill the many thousands of hours of training and teaching into a set of short lessons that make it easy to learn the correct techniques right away. Plus, it’s a very inexpensive way for the child and parent to spend quality time together in the pool, while also teaching and learning valuable skills.

This course was inspired by Gilda’s deep belief that all children should learn the life-saving skill of swimming as early as possible and that all parents should have the knowledge to teach their own children how to swim and be safe in the water.




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