How To Teach A Toddler Or A Two Year Old Child To Swim

June 15th, 2020

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teach a 2 year old child to swim

How Do 2 Year Olds Benefit From Swimming?

At two years old, your toddler is well equipped physically and mentally to learn to swim. The sooner children begin to learn to swim, the sooner they will become water safe. If you are debating whether your toddler is ready to begin swim lessons, below are five good reasons to get them started. If your toddler already has some swimming experience, skip to Level 2.

  • Age-wise, a two year old is ready to learn to swim. In fact, children can begin learning to swim before the age of two, as young as 6 months old
  • Drowning prevention. You want your toddler to become water safe as soon as possible and be able to save themselves in case they fell in a swimming pool
  • It is well proved that swimming has many physical, mental and emotional benefits for children
  • Learning to swim is a fun activity to do with your toddler
  • It is a great way to bond with your child

Because no two children are alike and children grow and develop at their own pace, here are the steps to teach toddlers to swim, based on how much they’ve been introduced to the water before:

Level 1. Your two year old child has no swimming experience

If your child is new to swimming, begin by gently introducing them to the water and helping them overcome any fear of water:

  1. Hold them in whatever position is comfortable for them and encourage them to: kick their legs and splash their feet and paddle the arms under the water
  2. Practice kicking the legs on the front as well as on the back
  3. Gently help your toddler learn to cope with water in and around their mouth
  4. Show them how to safely enter and exit the pool, to develop safe habits around the swimming pool

Level 2. Your toddler is already comfortable in the water

If your toddler has been in the water before and is already comfortable, use the following 10 Activities to help them advance in their swimming skills:

  1. Practice how to efficiently kick the legs and paddle the arms at the same time (coordinate the arm and legs movement)
  2. If water gets into the mouth, spit it out, don’t drink it
  3. Submerge under the water for at least 3 seconds
  4. Hold breath under water for 3-5 seconds
  5. Blow Bubbles (for some children this may take a while to learn; be patient and practice a lot)
  6. Hold onto the edge of the pool and move sideways on it
  7. Grab onto the wall and climb out of the pool
  8. Swim with very little or no support for short distances
  9. Practice moving efficiently through the water with the help of flotation aids designed for learning to swim
  10. Swim with face in the water, then come up for breath (with very little support or on their own)

Level 3. Swim activities for toddlers who are very close to swimming on their own

  1. Step/Jump into the water over the head and return to the surface
  2. Swim at least 25 yards to an exit without stopping
  3. Tread water for at least 1 minute
  4. Turn around in a full circle to find a way out of the water
  5. Exit a pool without using a ladder

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Gilda Dobrica,
Swimming Instructor

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