Kids Swim Lesson: The Doggy Paddle

May 30th, 2014

Teach children how to swim the Doggy Paddle with the head above the water.

The doggy paddle with the head above the water is a water safety skill that allows mobility in the water. It helps children move from point A to point B, keep their eyes out to see where they are going and keep their mouth out to breathe or ask for help if they need to.

First, children need to learn to coordinate their arm and leg movements. They also need to master breath control: spit water out in case it goes into their mouth, close their mouth under the water, blow bubbles.

Your child should practice with adult support and with a noodle under the armpits.

The video below shows you how we teach children to swim the doggy paddle.

 Our online course teaches you, the parent, how to help your child learn to swim independently to prevent drowning. Can your child perform all these water safety skills? If not, you can help your child learn to swim and be safe in the water.
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Gilda Dobrica,
Swimming Instructor

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