Teach Children To Swim

the 1st ever created e-learn-to-swim program

Parents CAN teach their child to swim!

Learn how to teach a child to swim with the e-course designed with the parents’ needs in mind: it is easy to understand, does not take a lot of time to learn or apply, and can be viewed anywhere. Developed by the professional swim instructor Gilda Dobrica, these unique and effective methods have successfully taught hundreds of children learn to swim.

Your young child CAN be water safe!

This 2 year old swims completely on her own and knows water safety skills after she learned to swim with our methods. Watch video hereOur online swimming lessons for kids show you step by step how to teach children to swim from complete beginners to independent swimmers. Children learn all the water safety swimming skills, necessary to save themselves from drowning. Our mobile learn to swim lessons are of great benefit even for kids already enrolled in group swimming lessons. We give you the tools to help your child improve and become a better, stronger swimmer.

We make learning to swim affordable!

Swimming lessons are expensive. Parents spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on swim lessons. We make learning to swim affordable! For less than the price of a private swim lesson, you can now teach your kid to swim and be safe in the water!

Watch sample video

Your child's water safety matters!

Kids should constantly be supervised in and around the water. But now you can have the peace of mind that you have the knowledge of teaching your child to swim and be safe in the water. Get involved in your kid’s water safety education! Your child will love learning from you, the person he trusts the most!

You’re mobile, so are we

Our lessons are available wherever you are – at home, at work during your lunch break, on your way to the family vacation. You can watch the course on your computer, tablet or smart phone. The course is also downloadable in case you don’t have Internet connection.

No experience? No problem!

With our learn to swim e-course anyone – even adults with no swimming experience can understand and teach our methods. All of our learn to swim videos are professionally shot in high quality HD. Don’t worry, you won’t have to watch long boring instructional films: our videos are divided into short segments less than 5 minutes each so you can watch them at your own pace and take in as much or as little as you like. Our videos are fast-paced, fun, engaging, extremely comprehensive and are easy to understand. Our lessons provide a great opportunity to share the fun of swimming and the confidence that goes with it.

Do you know the Water Safety Skills your kid should master?

Our course explains how to teach all the potentially life-saving swimming skills that every child should know: swim to the wall and climb out of the pool, master breath control, tread water, swim with the head above the water, float on the front and float on the back, swim under the water and many more. Kids learn to swim in a fun, relaxed and enjoyable way, overcome fear of water and become confident swimmers.

Fully interactive experience

Our course is different than any learn to swim video out there – because we apply the principles of e-learning to give you a strong grasp of our teaching and coaching techniques. How do we do that? By combining video, audio, quizzes, knowledge checks and expert answers. Not sure about a specific lesson? Replay any section at any time! The course knows where you left it and always starts up on the right section. And if you have any specific questions, you can ask us for e-mail: info@teachyourchildtoswim.com or you can find out the answers in our FAQs page.

Watch it with your Children

Parents and children learn to swim together! Watch the videos with your kids then practice in the pool. When children see the videos of other kids swimming confidently, they’ll want to learn to swim better and faster.

Lifetime lessons for every level

Every parent can get behind this lifesaving skill that will last a lifetime! No matter if your child is already swimming with flotation aids or have never been in the pool before — our guide will help you start at the right level:

Helping children overcome any fear of water and learn breath control for submerging.

Learning motor skills and basic swimming skills by practicing with support (adult support, noodles and swim belts).

Children transition to swimming on their own and practice water safety skills.

Swimming is our Passion

We started this project because we love to swim and want others to feel the same way. Our students love to learn to swim with us, and so will your children.

Watch the Sample Video