Teach Kids To Float. Teach Kids To Swim.

February 18th, 2018

Before you try to teach kids to float on their front, make sure that they can hold their breath under the water for at least five seconds.

Follow these 3 easy steps…


Step 1 to teach kids to float

Hold your swimmer in a horizontal position in front of you. Encourage them to relax, stretch their arms and legs out. Tell them to take a breath, hold it, submerge their face in the water, and look at the bottom of the pool. Children can now feel the buoyancy of the water in the front float position. Bring your swimmer up for air after a few seconds. As you continue practicing, slowly relax your hold.

Step 2 to teach kids to float

Next, have your swimmer practice with a noodle under the armpits or with a swim belt. These swimming aids will help your swimmer feel the buoyancy of the water and build confidence.

Step 3 to teach kids to float

Kids practice on their own. Letting go of children should be planned. Children should have plenty of practice with the front float with support, as well as good breath control with their head submerged.
Hold your swimmer facing you in a horizontal position. Give them the following breathing cues: Take a breath. Hold. Submerge the face and look at the bottom. Gently let go for a brief moment, then bring your swimmer up and praise them. If your swimmer is happy, try it again and slowly progress to floating without support for up to five seconds or more.

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