Teach Kids To Swim The Basics. 5 Steps

August 25th, 2016

Swimming is not just a sport for all ages, but a very important water safety skill. At the very least all kids should master the basic swimming skills required to be water safe and to save themselves from drowning.

One common concern parents have is “can my child really swim“? These are the basic swimming skills that kids have to master to be water safe (and please remember that kids need constant supervision in and around water).

Teach kids to swim the basics, so they can be water safe:

Step 1: Start by getting your child acquainted to the water. At this stage assess if your kid has any hesitations or fear of water. If they do show fear, help them overcome it with a gentle and positive approach and lots of reassurance.

Step 2: Once your child is comfortable and happy in the water, they are ready to begin learning the arm and leg movements required for swimming. At this stage kids will practice with support: adult support – meaning you hold the child and support from certain floatation devices. In this video we explain what are the best floats for teaching kids to swim.

Step 3: Breath control. Learning to breathe in the water is a process that involves learning how to: cope with water in the mouth, breathe out through mouth and nose (blow bubbles), hold the breath, coordinate breathing with the arm and leg movements. Progress step by step. Start teaching your kids how to breathe in the water for FREE.

Step 4: Once your kid becomes more confident, reduce the amount of floats they use. Also practice swimming for longer distances so the kids become stronger in the water and build endurance.

Step 5: As the kids become more and more confident, progress to swimming independently.


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Gilda Dobrica,
Swimming Instructor

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