5 Water Safety Swimming Skills for Kids

April 21st, 2016

According to CDC, on average, ten people drown every day; one in five of them is a child 14 years or younger. One step towards drowning prevention is to help your kid learn to swim.

These are 5 Water Safety Swimming Skills For Kids, that all children have to learn:

  1. Step/Jump into the water over the head and return to the surface
  2. Swim at least 25 yards to an exit without stopping
  3. Tread water for at least 1 minute
  4. Turn around in a full circle to find a way out of the water
  5. Exit a pool without using a ladder

The following video shows how to teach kids one of the most important water safety skills: Jump into the water, turn around in full circle, find a way out of the water.

Can your child perform all these water safety skills? If not, you can help your child learn to swim and be safe in the water.
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Gilda Dobrica,
Swimming Instructor

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